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Christina brings experience focused on selling into highly complex client relationships with large national and regional Health Plans, Academic Medical Centers, Healthcare Systems, Universities and Provider Groups. Prior to joining Citra, she was responsible for market share growth for Forest Pharamaceuticals as a Sr Specialty Sales Manager and began in healthcare with Shire Pharamceuticals as a Specialty Sales Representative in the Behavioral Health division.

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5 Benefits a Nurse Advice Line Offers Your University

Posted by Christina Gurnari

College students are a unique subset of our population in need of 24-hour healthcare.

Some of the specific health challenges University Health Centers face, include: behavioral health, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual assault, communicable diseases, and even chronic conditions. 

In fact, demands on campus health centers might be higher and more complex than ever. With more students arriving with serious health needs, the addition of a personalized university nurse advice line is an ideal solution to meet growing demands, create an extension of the student health center and satisfy the health and safety demands of college students and their parents. The most highly regarded student health centers are establishing comprehensive service offerings, including access to a nurse advice line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. 

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Putting Patients First to Ensure Appropriate Utilization of Resources

Posted by Christina Gurnari

It seems like it should go without saying that patients should be a healthcare provider’s primary focus. According to a recent national survey of NEJM Catalyst’s Insights Council, the current provider environment makes delivery of high-value, compassionate care a challenge. According to the survey, the biggest part of that challenge involves finding more time with patients so that clinical staff can spend the right amount of time to provide the right care. This time can greatly impact patient experience and satisfaction which are also driving factors in creating a high value compassionate care environment.

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