Together, We are Citra: Meet Paul Carr, Senior Director of Customer Support

Posted by Gina D. Ford on Apr 12, 2018 8:29:16 AM
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Paul Carr

Paul Carr currently serves Citra as our Senior Director of Customer Support. In this role, Paul has direct accountability for leading the team, whose efforts address our clients' support needs every day. Throughout his career, Paul has led global technical operations and service delivery teams in support of Fortune 500 companies operating within the telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, retail and healthcare industries. Additionally, he holds a BS in Human Resources Management from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Bentley University.

Paul moved from the Greater Boston area two years ago and now lives in Portland. His daughters, Paige (26) and Victoria (24), are both PharmD candidates at the Massachusetts School of Pharmacy. His Son Rex (21) is a third year Finance major at Wake Forest University.

When not shoveling snow, Paul enjoys hiking, biking, SCUBA diving and spending quality time at "The Camp" near Lubec, ME.

Q: What brought you to Citra?
A: The positive can-do attitude I witnessed, when first speaking with my prospective colleagues, combined with a desire to work for a company that’s truly client-focused. Additionally, I had made a recent move from the greater Boston area to Portland. The opportunity to be affiliated with a local company, while establishing deeper roots in Portland, was another important consideration for me.

Q: Why do you believe in the EZ-Suite products?
A: When answering this question, I need to place it within the broader scope of Citra’s mission of helping organizations transition to value-based care. Whether it’s our EZ-Suite technical applications or Care Services offerings, Citra is playing an impactful role in helping transform healthcare delivery and improve patient experiences. On a personal level, it’s a very interesting space in which to be working today.

Q: If you could make one recommendation to clients, what would it be?
A: Check-out our new 6.6.0 EZ-Cap software release and get on the upgrade schedule! There are plenty of new features available and the Citra Application Support Team is available to assist you through the entire process. Future releases are already in the development phases and clients will want to stay current to take full advantage of planned software features and enhancements.

Q: What does the future hold for EZ-Suite support at Citra?
A: Citra Application Support will continue to seek opportunities to refine the delivery of technical services to our clients. Whether it’s incorporating methodologies based on industry best practice or deploying technology to improve the support experience, Citra understands that the Application Support team plays an integral role in ensuring all clients are realizing the highest value from their EZ-Suite environment. And to make certain we’re staying on track, Citra encourages client feedback in all forms.


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