Patient Engagement: Turning a Patient Back into a Person

Posted by David Morris on May 17, 2018 10:15:29 AM


iStock-639668490-LRToday’s healthcare professional knows that meaningful patient engagement is the key for managing to successful outcomes. Defining impactful engagement and patient success criteria, which promotes better health and drives patients to better outcomes is our focus.

Dr. Mark D. Sullivan, MD, PhD, who authored a recent article How Chronic Pain Treatment Falls Short of Patient-Centered Care recognizes that healthcare providers are part of an incredibly important sea change beyond the prescription pad. Today, engagement which incorporates behavioral health, social determinants of health and clinical outcome data, and aligns with personalized real-time engagement from a US-based nurse drive the most successful outcomes. This comprehensive approach is a catalyst to meaningful results through patient education, support, and goal-setting to reach optimum quality of life. Dr. Sullivan’s article correctly suggested that clinicians need to promote the patient’s capacity for personally meaningful action. A patient pursues a healthier lifestyle when it helps them reach their goals or helps them achieve something they value most. This means that engagement relies on the patient’s ability to live life on their terms – which may involve not having a “fix” for chronic pain (for example), but learning to manage the pain while living their best life possible and achieving personal goals they set for themselves. This can be accomplished with a comprehensive patient care team, including 24x7 access to qualified, U.S. based registered nurse advice.

How can clinicians foster this engagement? According to Dr. Sullivan, it starts with the patient’s passions, with those things that are worth doing for their own sake, with the things they love in life. When clinicians offer 24x7 access to registered nurses as part of that strategy, they have help asking the right questions and being available to engage with purpose at any time, night or day for the patient.

Reaching these goals for patient engagement is not easy. It requires more than a visit in the office. It requires a multi-disciplinary comprehensive communication strategy, supported by coordinated and aligned phone, email, text, and surveys to reach a fully engaged individual who understands their health, is motivated to reach their own goals and supported through a coordinated aligned effort. Dr. Sullivan says, “Reviving these goals is the first step toward reviving the patient. Restoring the capacity for meaningful action is what transforms someone…” from a patient back into a person. We believe giving patients 24x7 access to a registered nurse is imperative to successful interactions. 

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David Morris

Written by David Morris

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