Launching New Value-Based Care Products in 2017

Posted by Darryl Low on Feb 24, 2017 12:29:45 PM

bigstock--142733894.jpgMy optimistic view… As a provider of health care services, there is always concern with how and who will be paying for the services that are provided to patients in government programs. As a consumer, you are concerned with how you will be able to afford your premiums when they once again increase disproportionally with your income.

But the principles of quality, affordable care have remained consistent in the health care bubble that I have been involved in for over twenty years now -- Keep people well and out of the hospital and health care costs will remain low. From the early days of managed care, provider groups who were proactive in member wellness and management activities grew and flourished. Government agencies and health plans noticed these successes and began incorporating quality measures into incentive programs in a wide variety of forms. Unfortunately, these incentives led to mandates and extensive regulation and administration for everyone in the industry…driving up the administrative costs.

I am confident that health care reform, in whatever form it takes, will continue to focus on value-based care which embraces many of the core tenants of managed care from days gone by. The supporting technology in the market today analytics, disease and care management, is relatively mature and will continue to drive efficiencies in value-based care.

This week Citra Health was at HIMSS sharing with industry representatives our newest offerings, Applied Analytics and Population Health as a Service. While hundreds of companies were displaying tools, we are sharing how Citra can help organizations leverage those tools to effectively and affordably interpret and act on the voluminous reports that these tools generate. Whether the results are generated from our EZ-Insight solution, or any other analytics tool, Citra has the knowledge and resources to put that information to use helping our clients achieve maximum value from their technology investment! 

While you're here take a look at our Applied Health Analytics White Paper

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Darryl Low

Written by Darryl Low

Darryl joined the Citra Team with an intimate understanding of the Value-Based Care market and a long history with the EZ-CAP product suite. Darryl’s 25 years of experience in health care includes extensive leadership roles in managed care organizations, coordinated care vendors, and as a past President of MZI Health Care providing Citra with a great depth and breadth of knowledge which will be leveraged throughout the organization in support of our growth objectives. In his role as Vice President, Market Strategy, Darryl provides strategic advice to the Executive Management Team to achieve and expand the goals and objectives of the organization. His primary responsibility is to ensure our priorities are executed upon and will work closely with team members across the organization to ensure this objective is completed.

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