Benefits of Outsourcing Nurse Advice Lines or After-Hours Triage

Posted by Team Citra on Dec 20, 2017 6:04:01 AM

Nurse Advice Lines and After-Hours Triage services have emerged as a way to connect your patients with registered nurses who can answer health questions, suggest complementary programs and services, guide callers to self-care measures or recommend urgent care when appropriate. Amid rising costs and limited resources, health plans and providers see that extending opportunities for patient engagement can pay off through in-network referrals, expanded access to care and reduced Emergency Room utilization. 


Nurse Advice lines and After-Hours Triage are health and wellness services that allows patients to speak with a registered nurse at any time, day or night. During the call, a registered nurse may answer general health questions or evaluate current symptoms the caller or a family member is experiencing through the use of nationally recognized Schmitt Thomson Clinical Content. Based on the callers reported symptoms, the registered nurse will provide guidance on the appropriate course of action.

Nurse Advice Line and After-Hours Triage Benefits:

  • Improve patient access to trusted clinical resources
  • Reduce the utilization of non-urgent Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Departments
  • Provide chronic condition education and treatment options
  • Refer eligible callers to disease and health management programs
  • Answer questions about prescriptions or medical procedures
  • Provide personalized provider and service referrals

Organizations of all sizes are finding that the benefits of outsourcing Nurse Advice Lines and After-Hours Triage services outweigh keeping the service in-house. For instance, outsourcing After-Hours Triage allows healthcare providers to:

  • Reduce the cost of running an in-house call center by up to 45%
  • Generate a positive return on investment between 1.4:1 and 4:1
  • Provide patients with a better experience and peace of mind knowing they are making the best healthcare decisions
  • Expand scope of services by integrating with answering services, scheduling, and local service providers

logo_urac.pngncqa.pngCitra’s Nurse Advice Line and After-Hours Triage services are URAC and NCQA accredited.

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Written by Team Citra

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