5 Benefits a Nurse Advice Line Offers Your University

Posted by Team Citra on Dec 4, 2017 7:23:29 PM

College students are a unique subset of our population in need of 24-hour healthcare.

Some of the specific health challenges University Health Centers face, include: behavioral health, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual assault, communicable diseases, and even chronic conditions. 


In fact, demands on campus health centers might be higher and more complex than ever. With more students arriving with serious health needs, the addition of a personalized university nurse advice line is an ideal solution to meet growing demands, create branding opportunity and satisfy the health and safety demands of college students and their parents. The most highly regarded student health centers are establishing comprehensive service offerings, including nurse advice and 24-hour telephonic triage.   

Nurse advice lines offer universities a way to ensure student safety through rigorous and compassionate care using evidence-based guidelines and clinical judgement. Other ways that nurse advice lines allow universities to provide value, include:

  1. Reducing operational costs for student health centers
  2. Guiding students to the appropriate level of care
  3. Ensuring constant medical service for students on weekends, holidays, and after-hours
  4. Cross-promoting other student health programs that are available 
  5. Providing peace of mind for those with medical questions while away from home

Since the average emergency room visit is nearly $1,233 (according to a 2013 study), guiding students to a more appropriate (and less costly) level of care becomes critical to reducing unnecessary spending. 

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Written by Team Citra

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