4 Ways Nurse Advice Lines Benefit Health Centers & Providers

Posted by Citra Health on May 8, 2018 2:32:55 PM


The number of Medicare beneficiaries continues to rise with our aging population and the growing number of Medicaid recipients are challenged with the impact of social determinants of health. Both populations need timely, accurate and clinically grounded information when faced with healthcare decisions. The trusted, convenient and reliable services of URAC accredited and NCQA certified Nurse Call Centers are proven to increase care access, help ensure proper utilization of services, and produce better care outcomes by decreasing unnecessary emergency department costs. 

Patient engagement services, including 24x7 Nurse Advice Lines are critical components of a comprehensive plan to help address the needs of patients and members. 

What are the benefits of a Nurse Advice Line?

  1. 1. Provide Around the Clock Care Access
    Patients who live in rural and urban areas need access to critical care, but in some cases seeking after-hours care might be challenging or unsafe. When a Nurse Advice Line is made available, patients have access to trusted health guidance from home or work — reducing the number of unnecessary emergency room visits.

    Studies show that as many as 60% of Nurse Advice Line callers chose not to go to the emergency room after being advised by a  U.S. based Registered Nurse (RN) to seek the most appropriate level of care (see a physician in 24 hours, within two weeks, home care treatment, etc.).

  2. 2. Close Gaps in Care
    When patients have access to reliable information, they tend to take more responsibility for their own health. Nurse Advice Lines with key patient education information ready to share immediately via digital platforms are among the most cost effective approaches to supporting patient-centered care.

  3. 3. Supplement and Support Clinical Resources
    Bridging the gap between regular office hours is a key for these patient populations – we cannot predict when the need arises; however, with a 24x7 Nurse Advice Line, we can be ready to supplement the office staff, extend clinical expertise and align with defined services, to support brand loyalty and avoid patients going out of network for assistance.

  4. 4. Schedule Appointments for the Right Patients
    With health centers experiencing growth, it becomes essential to use appointment capacity effectively. By employing physician-authored clinical guidelines, a Nurse Advice Line ensures that patients are only referred for appointments when it’s clinically necessary.

As we celebrate national Nurses Week, it is important to understand the critical role that a Nurse Advice Line can play in your business. Our nurses are uniquely trained to pick up on even something as small as the pace of breath of the caller. They continually provide clinical advice leading to the very best outcomes, but only because these patients were provided access. Are you providing the access your patients need?


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